Soralino is born out of the meeting between a juggler and an acrobat, but mostly from the street art, kilometres while travelling together in a pick-up truck.

Caio Sorana and Clément Malin meet in Paris, at Académie Fratellini, and formed Soralino company in 2015.

Soralino has created three shows, and performed more than 350 times in 15 countries.

Today, Soralino is more than ever the witness of their points of view on circus and of their work. They intend to bring street shows in theaters and to bring the silence of theaters in the streets.

Their duo, always funny and personal, sees in engagements in regards of risks taken, the roots of their circus. 

They believe in simplicity to demonstrate the complexity or absurdity of circus work.

They now collaborate and create with other artists as well.

Company presentation Folder:

Caio Sorana


Born in Brazil, he grows up in Italia.

He discover juggling when he turns 15. 

He plays with many objects, connects with clubs, that become the main object of his work and researches.

He uses body has first creative basis, and object has a pen for choreographically writing.

He seeks fluidity, suspension and rythme.



Clément Malin


Specialist of acrobatic ladder, his particular partner.


Born in a puppeteer’s family, he discovers living arts quite young.

Self-made man and rich of a Sport Science Degree, he enters Académie Fratellini in 2012 to enlarge and deepen his artistic vocabulary.

He gets his energy from the street, stages, and feed his work from acting, music and physical training.

Aizeline Wille