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Dans la boite

It was once, two men.


Eyes, Nose, Mouth.


They spent their time, sitted.


One beside one, waiting.


If one was going, the other followed.

If one was singing, the other played music.

If one was thirty, the other drank.


One day they were waiting, a box fell at theirs feet.


They decided to wait, this box came to them waiting, they had to wait for its time to open.


They put the box between them, and waited.


Sometimes, it moved, and you could hear a song, far away.

After all, it was here, and they were also singing or moving... .


They took care of it, giving it warmth.

Two or three, if we were waiting, it was all the same isn't it?


One day, noise, no... music started to come out, mix of street sounds, classical music and hammer on the ground.


And nothing... .


They waited again.

Show's material:

Dans la boite is INBOX young audience adaptation, his "big brother" and first show.

This show is specially made to settle in small spaces.

Dans la boite is for 2-6 years old and designed to come directly inside schools and their places of activities.

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