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Quarté brings together four artists, from four different nationalities. Julieta Salz, Argentinian aerial Artist, Caio Sorana, a juggler from Italy and Brazil, Clément Malin and Loic Leviel, French acrobats, one on ladders and the other one on tight wire.

They work for circus, dance and theater. They have the opportunity in 2016, to create et perform a show in Sweden. 15 days of intense work, 30 shows on Bergman's island, Gotland.

This show is inspired by the madness and the beauty of life under a circus tent, between a suitcase full of dirty clothes and always clean costumes.

Tea, Indian, Chinese, sweet, hot, freezed, milk, lemon, take it as you want, as you like. They take it with subtility, warmth, poetry and madness.


Every hair is at his place and every smile shine around.


Here, we heal whatever you have, we hide our modesty, energy comes out of crowds and clubs fly, we serve tea from ladders and we would like to get on fire.


Appearances and roles brake little by little.

They stop running, beautiful of uncertainty and full of faults

It is an ode to normality and his madness. Welcome.

Come casual. It's an invitation where it is not important to know why we are here, or if we are the only one to have come alone

Past venues

12 Mach 2017. Le Bourget (93).

12 July - 4 August 2016. Hablingbo Creperiet. Havdhem Gotland. SWEDEN.

8 July 2016. Académie Fratellini. Saint-Denis (93) .

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