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UNTITLED_Opera Buffa

Work in progress


A Baritone, a cello player, an acrobat and a juggler.

An opera in all its majesty that never gets out of the living room.

We consider music as a circus tool. We want to break it up into pieces, and build it up in another manner.

It is a musical score that draws itself little by little, wandering around.

It will be a funny and poetic opera, inspired by the loneliness of failures, that, if read out of clown's eyes, can make great again ruins of an old past.

We are now looking for a way to link the enormous ambition of opera with the intimacy of contemporary circus.

We find our inspiration from mistakes in a perfect environment. This betrayal of expectations open everyone's imagination, make you true and human, and leave you as the smiling just married husband with lettuce in his teeth, that will ruin the foto for years.


We are on the first seps of this research.


From early experimentations, we have indentified in Opera, the PASTA MADRE of the show. 

His clichés, power, and manners.

April 2019: Académie Fratellini

January 2019: CIAM

November 2018: Lieu à définir

June 2018: Hasparren

April 2018: Maison des Jonglages

Show's Material:

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