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_Gaby Merz

Caio Sorana and Clément Malin meet in Paris, at Académie Fratellini, and formed Soralino company in 2015.

Soralino has created various shows, and performed more than 500 times in 19 countries, for about 150 000 spectators.

Their work has received awards and recognitions in many festivals such as Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain or FIRCO.

Two of their acts are also on tour in one of Cirque du Soleil's show, Echo.

©Gaby Merz

David Garonne


Inbox is the first show of Soralino

"Caio Sorana and Clément Malin make and undo their cardboards. Pile them up and bring them down, play with balance and instability. Absurd removal men, useless warehouse men, they excel in the art of making you believe that, never, objects will dominate mankind,..."


Paris Quartier d'Eté

Outside and Inside show. About 50min.

©Davide Garonne

FURIES 2019_Soralino_Inbox_©VMuteau_VM_7921.jpg

The Ladder


Why be simple when we can be complicated ?

It is only about climbing higher...

Outside and inside act.

About 10 min. 

©Vincent Muteau


The Pile is our act with our new circus specialty, cardboard boxes, double wall ! 

Outside and inside act.

About 10 min.

Bronze Medal at 40ème Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain 2019.

1st Price at festival FIRCO 2019.

©Valérie Thénard Béal


The Club




It falls,

it is falling,

it will fall,

it may fall after all.

Outside and inside act.

About 7 min.

©Davide Garonne

Valeria Mutinelli


Caio and Clément offer to share their point of view on circus. Starting with what define the most their work; connections between bodies, objects and the stage. 


Art students, professionals, everyone used to stage performances, dancers, circus performers, actors, musicians,… .

©Valeria Mutinelli

Florian Renault.jpg

Incoming venues

Gaby Merz

The Ladder + The Pile

Toronto / CANADA

May 24 - Aug 24

Valerie Thenard Beal

The Ladder + The Pile

Gatineau / Canada

Aug 24 - Sep 24


The Ladder + The Pile

Vancouver / CANADA

Oct 24 - Jan 25

©Florian Renault

David Garonne


Cie soralino

Académie Fratellini

1-9 rue des cheminots

93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis


Production / Administration:

+33 (0)6 31 82 72 63

Thank you for contacting us !

©Davide Garonne

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