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©Vincent Tedesco

Serra de Conti


Inbox is the first show of Soralino.

A household illustration of Sisyphus's myth, where two guys in raincoat - the little one dressed to tall and the tall one dressed to small - play with cardboards, throw them, pile them up, always on the edge of disaster,... .

"Caio Sorana and Clément Malin make and undo their cardboards. Pile them up and bring them down, play with balance and instability. Absurd removal men, useless warehouse men, they excel in the art of making you believe that, never, objects will dominate mankind,..."

Paris Quartier d'Eté


This show got the Spectacle Vivant Reward during Ici & Demain 2015 festival.

Our work has won the bronze medal at 40ème Festival Mondial du Cirque de demain 2019, the 1st Price at the FIRCO Festival 2019, and the 1st Price at MUECA in Puerto De La Cruz 2022.

Inbox has performed around 320 times in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, India, Lebanon, Palestina, The Netherlands, Portugal, Latvia, Canada, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Puerto Rico, Greece,... .

Show supported by l'Académie FratelliniShamNotteneraLa Maison du Jonglage/Scène conventionnée La Courneuve, La ville du Bourget and le Conseil Régional d'Ile de France.

©Davide Garonne

città circenzeeeeeeeee_74.jpg

Past Projects



Quarté brings together four artists, from four different nationalities. Julieta Salz, Argentinian aerial Artist, Caio Sorana, a juggler from Italy and Brazil, Clément Malin and Loic Leviel, French acrobats, one on ladders and the other one on tight wire.

They have the opportunity in 2016, to create et perform a show in Sweden. 15 days of intense work, 30 shows on Bergman's island, Gotland.

This show is inspired by the madness and the beauty of life under a circus tent, between a suitcase full of dirty clothes and always clean costumes.

©Valeria Mutinelli


Come casual.


It's an invitation where it is not important to know why we are here, or if we are the only one to have come alone


Tea, Indian, Chinese, sweet, hot, freezed, milk, lemon, take it as you want, as you like. They take it with subtility, warmth, poetry and madness.

It is an ode to normality and his madness.



©Valeria Mutinelli


In the box

Dans la boite is INBOX young audience adaptation, his "big brother" and first show.

This show is specially made to settle in small spaces.

Dans la boite is for 2-6 years old and designed to come directly inside schools and their places of activities.

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