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©Filippo Ciccone


Caio Sorana and Clément Malin meet in Paris, at Académie Fratellini, and formed Soralino company in 2015.



Soralino has created three shows, and performed more than 500 times in 19 countries, for about 150 000 spectators.

Soralino is more than ever the witness of their points of view on circus and of their work. They intend to bring street shows in theaters and to bring the silence of theaters in the streets.

©Carine Puyot


Their duo, always funny and personal, sees in engagements in regards of risks taken, the roots of their circus. 

They believe in simplicity to demonstrate the complexity or absurdity of circus work.

©Vincent Tedesco


La compagnie

Caio Sorana, Circus Artist

Clément malin, Circus Artist


Aizeline Wille, Administrator


©Caio Sorana

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