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Caio and Clément offer to share their point of view on circus. Starting with what define the most their work; connections between bodies, objects and the stage. 


By stage experimentations we propose to explore creating process, physical and stage writing.


Our specific way of doing circus will develop itself over:

  • Stage presence as a necessity regarding a risk.

  • Use of risk to create drama.

  • Research and development of unknown « topics » out of improvisation.


By solo, duo or group work, we try to pass keys and principles, coming from our circus, but that can be used in any performative work.


Using specificities of our work as Soralino, such as surprise, risk, necessity of actions,… We propose a physical work, gathering, among others, balancing, manipulation, juggling, stage attention, humor, and simplicity.

Length: +/- 3 days

Audience: Art students, professionals, all person used to stage performances, dancers, circus performers, actors, musicians,… .

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